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By Vilain 3-Pack | save 25%By Vilain 3-Pack | save 25%
By Vilain By Vilain 3-Pack | save 25%
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By Vilain Rush Haircare 2-Pack
By Vilain By Vilain Rush Haircare 2-Pack
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By Vilain All In Styling Kit | save 25%By Vilain All In Styling Kit | save 25%
By Vilain By Vilain All In Styling Kit | save 25%
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By Vilain Toiletry BagBy Vilain Toiletry Bag
By Vilain By Vilain Toiletry Bag
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Hanz de Fuko Haircare 2-packHanz de Fuko Haircare 2-pack
Hanz de Fuko Hanz de Fuko Haircare 2-pack
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Sold out
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Baxter of California 3-PackBaxter of California 3-Pack
Baxter of California Baxter of California 3-Pack
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Hanz de Fuko 3-packHanz de Fuko 3-pack
Hanz de Fuko Hanz de Fuko 3-pack
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By Vilain Powermade Pomade (classic design)By Vilain Powermade Pomade (classic design)
By Vilain By Vilain Powermade Pomade (classic design)
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Get the best offers on SlikhaarShop

On SlikhaarShop we will always have some great offers ready for you. We have gathered all of our gifts, packs and offers right here to make it easy for you. The offers feature professional styling products from best-selling By Vilain. Whether it's for vacations, festival seasons or because you’re just constantly on the move, we’ve got the perfect Travel Kit for you – the perfect bottle sizes for when you’re constantly on the go but without compromising your hair. Save space in your bag and pick travel size product, we have made a By Vilain Travel Kit for exactly this purpose.

Can’t pick only one hair wax?

Got some By Vilain favorites? Then we got the By Vilain 2-Pack and 3-Packs that you simply need to get your hands on! The best possible kits for achieving the perfect hairstyle. Want it all and more? Then you need to make the All In Styling Kit your all-time go-to – three optional waxes and your favorite Sidekick pre-styler.

But the offers aren’t just all about styling – we also got the ultimate shower kits, Skyline Duo and Shampoo Kit, which are everything you need to get clean, healthy and well-groomed hair. Last but not least, we’ve got various different duos and trios with popular waxes from Baxter of California, Renati, American Crew, Davines and d:fi. Enjoy SlikhaarShop’s absolute best offers and remember, some of the offers are extremely limited and will only be available for a restricted period of time!